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          In our next story, a hot TV drama triggers heated debate online after cleavage goes missing.
          Brands should therefore effectively tie in marketing and sales by making use of insights from big data to fine-tune their marketing strategy as well as enhancing their sales conversion rate, said AdMasters CEO Vincent Yan.
          Besides concern for air pollution, safety has also aroused call for stricter control of fireworks.
          QINGDAO - China and US militaries held an annual meeting under the Sino-US military Maritime Consultative Agreement from Sept 27 to 28 in northern port city of Qingdao.
          None of the girls living on the same dorm floor with me, all majoring in TCSOL, has found a teaching job so far, she said.
          Police will cooperate with the Coroners Court and submit a report, if a hearing is conducted, he added.
          Alim was one of seven siblings born into a poor family in the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
          The expo runs for 10 days and is held together with the Wutai Mountain International Tourism Month, which promotes cultural exchanges, tourism industry development, and the Wutai tourism brand.
          Mr Palmer said the boat will have the same dimensions as the Titanic and will replicate its design as closely as possible but will have state of the art engineering.
          Related: Man tries to swindle charitable donation Boar breaks into sanatoriumA boar weighting 50 kilograms was found near death after it broke into a sanatorium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, news portal dbw reported on Wednesday.
          But officials in charge from Henan province said that the construction of Hekou Reservoir disturbs Mother Nature, and that building bridges for the monkeys will repay her.
          Sun now runs his own company, with eight employees.
          Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau has urged local agricultural and forestry authorities to strengthen daily management, tests and disinfection of live poultry markets.
          He also plays the lead role and said that he regarded it the best film for myself in the last ten years.
          Local environmental protection authorities lack effective supervision and always ignore enterprises discharging pollution for economic interests and GDP growth.
          The examinations were based on classical literature and philosophy.
          The pilot scheme was launched in 2009 with an annual credit of HK0.
          Editors Note: As countries are hoping to negotiate an extension to the Kyoto Protocol, which runs until at least 2020, at the ongoing UN Climate Conference in Doha, China Daily asked four experts to give their expectations for the key meeting:.
          Qiandeng Town, Kunshan - 63 km from ShanghaiThe historical Yangtze River Delta is known for its ancient towns, mostly water towns, where busy urbanites go to experience a slower pace of life.
          The UK has been named country of honor and official partner at the fair, which will host 2,500 companies from 28 countries and regions.
          Other works for sale were painted by Luos alumnus at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, such as Pang Maokun, Cheng Conglin and He Duoling, as well as Ai Xuan, who didnt attend the academy but spent long time in Sichuans Tibetan areas painting his iconic works.
          It marks the first time high-level officials from the Malaysian government have come to Beijing to talk with the family members.
          3 trillion kilowatt hours in the first seven months, up 3.
          But he and his government have since consistently lagged the centre-left opposition Labor Party in opinion polls, helping fuel speculation over how long his party would give him to turn things around.
          The government has set a 30-percent limit on the proportion of pension funds tied up in stocks, while various systems to guarantee fund security, including internal controls and risk provisions, are gradually established, according to You.
          Pirates have extended their activities from Somalia and the Gulf of Aden to the western coast of India and Sri Lanka, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Mozambique Channel, he said.
          BRUSSELS - EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Sunday condemned the Kunming terrorist attacks and sent condolences to the victims families.
          From January to August, investment in the real estate sector increased by 7.
          While the market has moved up, valuations on the whole remain compeling when viewed in a global context.
          Even so, it appears unlikely the bill, supported by hard-line lawmakers unhappy with peace efforts, will receive parliamentary approval.
          Weve witnessed it grow into a truly global event, said Wu.
          [NIU SHUPEI / FOR CHINA DAILY]Sharing a meal with family on Lunar New Years Eve is the best way for Chinese people to get into the festive spirit, a survey has found.
          But still, these hospitals have a huge stream of people every day.
          Although it turned out that DEHP is a popular and acceptable ingredient in baijiu and many other foods, it scared many Chinese consumers.
          I know this is my time, he said.
          94 billion, including a 17.
          Supervision and management will be strengthened over businesses including Internet service providers, domain name registration and information services, according to the circular posted on the central governments website on Monday.
          Apart from laboratory mice, we also feed other cattle with GM cow milk and so far everything has been fine with the recipients, he said.
          Coach (Adrian) Heath is doing a great job with the team, and I know he will do a great job in MLS too, Kaka said at the news conference.
          Local media reported three people were killed, while more than 10,000 residents were evacuated due to heavy flooding in some parts of Mindanao in southern Philippines.
          payscale, will give you a list of schools that give the best overall return-on-investment for college.
          “Buddhism is an important part of Chinese culture.
          More than 4,000 students will stay at home until the repairs are finished, said Su Chao, executive vice-president of the school.
          SHIJIAZHUANG - More than 2,000 factories will halt or reduce production in north Chinas Hebei Province, a contributor of pollution in Beijing, to ensure air quality during the APEC meeting next month.
          Its unreasonable to blame the central governments policy of practicing frugality for the problem of weak market demand.
          The Yantai Institute of Computing Technology, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was put into operation last October using a total investment of 500 million yuan.
          Zhang Quansheng, deputy director of the overseas student management office at the university, said the teachers respect the period of fasting for Muslim students.

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